Life Insurance Shopper Beware!!

How to avoid being the next victim

of an online quote scam.

     If you are reading this page, then you want to know what is going to happen if you go to a website offering you a free life insurance quote. The reality is that you are not going to get what you are after. All the quote offering sites are nothing more than lead generation sites where you are their prized commodity,

     Insurance lead marketing is a huge business and your name, telephone number and email address are worth millions of dollars to these online lead generation sites. One fortune 500 company owns most of these sites but dresses them up to look different to you.

     You try a few different sites trying to get a real quote and get the same result each time. You input all of your personal information including your email and telephone number and then click the submit button and then you get a message that says:

“An agent will call you within twenty four hours”

     Well, within milliseconds it gets sold to a bunch of agents who all think they got an exclusive lead, that you are their next sale, and the next thing you know you are getting fifteen phone calls an hour for two weeks and your email inbox is full. You know absolutely nothing about the salesman in terms of his ethics or whether he can provide to you the right kind of life insurance policy at the best possible price or is he a one trick pony selling you his top paying sales commissioned product.

So what options do you really have? You can work with the anonymous salesman who bought your lead from the fortune 500 company. Or you can work with me and shop the market like a real pro does…

So how can you do that? Via the new technology of a web conference you can invite yourself on to my computer screen and shop the market like an insurance pro does from my brokerage quote engine that has over fifty insurance companies to choose from and has every product that you could possible want. You get the right policy from the right company at the best possible price and do not have to run and hide from your cell phone for the next two weeks. 

To get started just call Steve Bliss at (858) 278-2800 

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